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An Old Opinion of Coleridge Cottage

An Old Opinion of Coleridge Cottage

S.P.B. Mais, a prolific author of books of general interest in the inter-war years, in Walking in Somerset 1938:

"They still show you the cottage and the room where Coleridge stayed in Nether Stowey, but one wonders at his lack of sensitiveness in choosing so ugly a house standing flush to the main road in a land where nearly every cottage is not only beautiful but sequestered."

coleridge Cottage

Coleridge Cottage as a cider-house with crate and bottles lying in the road outside.

I have received many shocks in many literary shrines but Nether Stowey Cottage is so outstandingly ugly that it seems inconceivable that any sensitive person could have lived in it... and in 1786 it was undoubtedly even uglier than it is today... Nothing of the spirit of Coleridge remains in the cottage, which faces the main road and has no lookout at all. In this land of magnificent views and picturesque villages the cottage at Nether Stowey stands out as conspicuously unromantic and commonplace

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