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An Old Opinion of Coleridge Cottage

An Old Opinion of Coleridge Cottage

S.P.B. Mais, a prolific author of books of general interest in the inter-war years, in Walking in Somerset 1938: "They still show you the cottage and the room where Coleridge stayed in Nether Stowey, but one wonders at his lack of sensitiveness in choosing so ugly a house standing flush to the main road in a land where nearly every cottage is not [...] Read more

Watchet Harbour Before 1860

A fascinating painting of old Watchet Harbour, with Steepholm and Flatholme in the background. The Ships at anchor are rocking in the considerable swell coming round the breakwater.

Coleridge 80s Music Vid

Swing Out Sister, some time in the 1980s recorded this video for a hit that never was, unaccountably Coleridge-Themed and filmed around Somerset. Untitled from moog on Vimeo. Spot the locations? Here are a few: Aisholt Church Stogursey Church Kilve/Lilstock Beach Holford

West Quantoxhead and the Church of St Etheldreda

West Quantoxhead and the Church of St Etheldreda

West Quantoxhead is also known as St Audries after St Audries House but the church is St Etheldreda's. In the 1850s the Acland Hoods who occupied St Audries House had the old, shabby, medieval church taken down and commissioned their architect to design a new medieval style church, more upright, more opulent and more in keeping with the grandeur of [...] Read more

The Albatross About My Neck Was Hung

The Albatross About My Neck Was Hung

And some in dreams assured were Of the spirit that plagued us so: Nine fathom deep he had followed us From the land of mist and snow. And every tongue, through utter drought, Was withered at the root; We could not speak, no more than if We had been choked with soot. Ah! well a-day! what evil looks Had I from old and young! Instead of the cross, [...] Read more

Porlock Bay

Edward Thomas in Heaven

Edward, with thinning hair and hooded eyes Walking in England, haversack sagging, emptied of lies, Snuffing and rubbing Old Man in the palm of your hand You smelled an avenue, dark, nameless, without end. In France, supposing the shell that missed You and sucked your breath out as it passed Released your soul according to the doctrine You [...] Read more

Chasm in Xanadu

But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slanted Down the green hill athwart a cedarn cover! A savage place! as holy and enchanted As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted By woman wailing for her demon-lover!